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Jack Harlow and Saweetie sparking countless memes with their hilarious interaction

Jack Harlow and Saweetie

Jack Harlow and Saweetie have been making headlines – or better yet, have been made into thousands of memes on the web due to their unique interaction at the BET Awards. As Saweetie was being interviewed, Harlow approached her suddenly and swept in, introducing himself with a simple line: “I’m Jack”- A bit confused, Saweetie simply responded that she knew, since she was already familiar with Harlow! Perhaps not pleased with the response, Harlow noted that Saweetie doesn’t like to get caught off guard.

To that, the female rap star promptly bantered back, asking Harlow why he was shaking. He just denied that he was shaking at all and quickly ran off, leaving everyone puzzled! The Shade Room originally posted the viral video of the interaction. When asked about the situation, Harlow stated that he was just saying hello, and he didn’t mean to “shoot his shot” as the platform previously reported! Harlow went on to say that he is a nice person and that he felt a bit annoyed at the gossip, claiming that “you can’t even say hello these days!”

Are Jack Harlow and Saweetie just friends? Rapper's flirting skills give fans 'butterflies' | MEAWW

So, what was Harlow really up to? Was he trying to make a move on her, or was he just trying to be funny by dropping in on the interview? Whichever the case, we’re all left with a really fun movement that’s been captured by the media and spread even further with fans on the web, turning stills of the conversation into memes. The facial expressions on these artists are priceless, and it is not surprising to see so many memes being created!

Jack Harlow Addresses Rumors He Flirted With Saweetie At 2021 BET Awards - AllHipHop

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