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We pair clients with top influencers in various genres and niches. Using a data-driven approach, we find the perfect influencer for events, brand partnerships, media opportunities, and more.


In order to book a celebrity, you need to find a way to contact them or their team. In all likelihood, you will not be able to book a star by contacting them directly on social media. Agents are the professionals who handle booking and job proposals on behalf of event organizers and celebrities alike. The best way to contact talent is through a world-class booking agency such as Icon Talent Agency. Reaching out to one of our agents is the best way to contact a celebrity’s team and proposition them for booking engagements of various sorts – from private functions & virtual events to conventions and public events. Reach out to us now at info@icontalentagency.com

Many people dream of having their favorite celebrities attend their events, and the good news is, it is not impossible! You won’t have much luck trying to invite a celebrity directly, but you can improve your chances by working with a qualified booking agent. A booking agent is a person who works on your behalf to provide the talent’s most up to date pricing and availability and then negotiate deal points with the celebrity to confirm them attending your event. Reach out to us now at  info@icontalentagency.com

Many people are looking to get celebrities to make a guest appearance at their virtual meetings, using platforms such as Zoom. If you want to have a celebrity to join your virtual Zoom event, the best thing you can do is to contact Icon Talent Agency where we will assign you to your personal booking agent who will provide your celebrity of choice most up to date pricing and availability. This is the right way to find out more about a celebrity’s availability, as well as their booking fees or their ability to join your Zoom. The cost of a celebrity appearance on Zoom usually depends on numerous factors, including a celebrity’s popularity, number of guests and the type of event you are hosting on Zoom. Reach out to us now at  info@icontalentagency.com

A party could become a lot more interesting and appealing with a celebrity guest. These people could indeed spice up the dynamics of most events and make it all more special for the audience and the people involved. What’s special is definitely the fact that celebrities can add some hype and high-profile flair to your party, but for this reason, they might not just be willing to show up with an invite. Most celebrities will require a booking fee in order to attend a party, and you can find out more about it by getting in touch with Icon Talent Agency and get connected with your personal booking agent now. Reach out to us now at info@icontalentagency.com

For any questions, or to discuss how we can help you, your event or your brand, contact us today.